Mission and Services

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ROY WROTH urbanism + planning is a community design and town planning firm located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our work integrates architecture, preservation planning, community development, and urban design.

Our mission is to help communities find or renew their cultural and place-based identities, and to find their niche in the regional economy.  We hold a vision of the region as a close network of self-reliant communities with distinct cultures and values. Our work seeks to improve the built environment, development processes, and economic systems in support of stronger communities and fuller human development.

Our services include:

  • Urban design, form-based codes, public participation and strategic planning in support of community revitalization in historic downtowns and neighborhoods.
  • Design, entitlements, and public process for mixed-use, pedestrian oriented infill development of new neighborhoods and neighborhood centers.
  • Strategic planning supporting communities in economic development, community organizations, entrepreneurship, job training, and education.

Please see Process and Services for more detail on our design process.

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