Community Development

U7 Youth Development Center

In collaboration with John Braman, we envisioned a new kind of community organization focused on youth development. Located in a renovated historic church building, U7 will bridge “town and gown” cultures and bring new energy to an historic neighborhood. We developed an interactive 3D model of the facility, and established a summer youth enhancement program to build the organization from within the community.

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St. Michael’s Drive Redevelopment

In 2009, the City of Santa Fe initiated ”a complete urban design and redevelopment look into the future of St. Michael’s Drive”.

Our plan bases the economic and placemaking strength of the main commercial corridor on comprehensive community development improvements in surrounding neighborhoods. We propose to focus redevelopment at three nodes along the 1.5 mile corridor.

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Triangle District

Roy Wroth was a founding member of a community organization dedicated to revitalizing a mixed use downtown neighborhood. Our activities included: neighborhood planning, job skills training, a business network, a newsletter, annual street fair, a Neighborhood Handbook, and the establishment of El Centro Communitario, the Triangle District Resource Center.

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